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Lester, tell us a little more about how you got into acting.

Well, I first started rapping, then I released my first solo album, “No Bush, Straight Dicks,” and I had so much fun recording it.

I think I enjoyed changing up my voice in the studio so I guess I was acting back then, but it was just with my voice.

My friend, Henry, noticed right away that I had a good voice for acting so I tried it.

The rest is history.

You are also an awesome rapper & producer! How did you get into music & film?

My older brother, Mike, influenced me a lot because I would listen to all of his favorite rap songs that he played, not to mention my other brother was a rapper.

As my music career evolved, I started producing records for Film and Television.

“My Blue Jeans” song can be heard on the Amazon series: The Luckiest Guys on the Lower East Side,” by Tony Amatullo.

And my song, “Father and Son” was featured in the documentary: “You Are Not Alone,” by Antoine Craigwell. 

What would you say to aspiring artists who look up to your work?

I would say, thank you.

I work very hard at my craft, and all I want to do is share my story with the world, in hopes that it will impact someone somewhere.

We owe it to ourselves to share our gifts.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I’m currently in the new “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” series on Hulu.

I play a character named Clocker.

Also, I’m in a new web series called, “30331,” created by J Nance and produced by Erika Robinson starring myself and Andrew McCallister.

I'm working on another web series called "Sidelines" next month with Idris Pearson and Darrin DeShazer, created by Dedra Simon - that's going to be incredible.

We just wrapped up the film, “Your America, My America” created by David Haynes II and produced by Ingrid Jordan.

And then I’m hosting a web talk show with Laura Poindexter and April Morrison Productions called, “Camera’s Rolling.”

Speaking of hosting, please check out my Zoom show: “Out On The Front Lines.”

Let me explain what the show is about.

So, since I'm a real bus driver living on the front lines, I decided to create a show where I interview other essential workers who are risking it all during this pandemic.

I’ve interviewed security guards, bus drivers, nurses, and more.

Please check out “Out On The Front Lines” on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m also working with this talented writer named, Robert Cyr.

We are creating something very special.

Stay tuned. 

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