Lester, tell us a little more about how you got into acting.

Well, I first started rapping, then I released my first solo album, “No Bush, Straight Dicks,” and I had so much fun recording it.

I think I enjoyed changing up my voice in the studio so I guess I was acting back then, but it was just with my voice.

My friend, Henry, noticed right away that I had a good voice for acting so I tried it.

The rest is history.

You are also an awesome rapper & producer! How did you get into music & film?

My older brother, Mike, influenced me a lot because I would listen to all of his favorite rap songs that he played, not to mention my other brother was a rapper.

As my music career evolved, I started producing records for Film and Television.

“My Blue Jeans” song can be heard on the Amazon series: The Luckiest Guys on the Lower East Side,” by Tony Amatullo.

And my song, “Father and Son” was featured in the documentary: “You Are Not Alone,” by Antoine Craigwell. 

What would you say to aspiring artists who look up to your work?

I would say, thank you.