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Arash, tell us a little more about how you became an entrepreneur?

Growing up, I always wanted to become an NBA player.

I loved basketball so much that I just never pursued any sort of interest in any other career path.

Being born to foreign middle eastern parents, I was always expected to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

But I never really paid no mind to any of that. I decided to follow my heart instead and envision my passions.

After getting cut from my high school varsity basketball team for racist political profiling reasons, I knew that I had to practice more and put in the hard work to be able to make the Santa Monica College men’s basketball team.

For people like me, I have to work ten times harder to get noticed.

By the time tryouts came by there weren't many roster spots left since most have been reserved for the returning team players and recruits.

I knew I still had the potential and drive to make it the following years and during this process I decided to play overseas instead and then transition to the NBA as it will increase my probability of making it as a professional basketball player.

So what made you decide to launch 'BOOS'?

During that summer, I came to realization that this was the best future for me.

Although all the odds were stacked against me, given my physical genetics and background, and even if I didn’t end up making it as a professional basketball player, I wouldn't be as successful as all the big well-known names and I would be all worn out and banged up by the time when I retire.

Given all the many different types of scenarios that I could have took part in if I had a basketball life and career, I decided to pursue my long time dream of creating my own app ‘BOOS’

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

As of today, I’m currently transferring to the University of Miami in an effort to earn my degree in sports administration, satisfying my parent’s intentions, all while managing my dating app Boos.

I intend to someday become an NBA athletic trainer and be close to what was once my only passion in living life. 

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