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Peace, Love, & Positivity: Meet Media Mogul Prince Carter

Updated: Jun 14, 2021


So we all can agree the media and internet can get ugly, right?

The gossip and tabloid news...

The cancel culture...

The constant barrage of hearsay or he said/she said.

It's...pretty nasty:

Remember when the internet used to just be filled with endless cat videos (I mean, it kinda still is, but you know what I mean).

At one point in time, the internet was just a place we used to download songs and movies for free.

Only the real ones remember this logo:

And what ever happened to this guy:

The internet is getting weird fam...

Nowadays, expensive yachts, photoshopped photos, and Private Jet Studios is becoming an odd norm...

Yes, there are studios for influencers to pose next to private jets for $244/hour...yikes:

Now I understand the endless Reddit threads titled 'Humanity Is Doomed.'

But maybe humanity isn't doomed just yet.

There really are good, decent, and amazing people online who are actually doing great things...and doing it with humility.

You just have to look closer.


Check out Prince Carter.

One of the hardest working media personalities you'll ever meet.

He's interviewed celebrities, hosted Fashion Week for Baltimore & Brooklyn, and even worked with some of the biggest networks in television (BET & CBS).

He actually uses his platform for good and isn't afraid to talk about his faith and God (which is hella rare).

We all could use a little positive energy in our lives and do away with the constant negativity, right?

Follow his journey, I know we are all tuned in.

We sat down with Prince and the homie is all love and positivity.

Peep our interview:

Hey Prince! Tell us a little more about how you first got into entertainment?

I was always the kid who was asked to sing, dance, and entertain at every family function.

So entertaining was already embedded in my DNA.

I loved every bit of the attention I received from making others happy.

So the foundation was set long before making this as my career.

It was 7 years ago I came to Atlanta broke & homeless.

I knew that I wanted to hit the ground running and so I did just that.

Nothing was gonna stop me from achieving my goals.

It was then, where I met Kandi Burruss of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” & Author Toya Johnson at a Children’s Give Back event.

I was literally shutting it down on the dance floor with my drink in my hand, minding my business when Toya shouted across the room and asked for me to join them in VIP.

I actually have video footage of this very night haha.

Toya asked who I was and my first thought was to tell her that I was an Actor (but I couldn’t say that because I never acted in a film besides my school Black History play that I did in the 1st Grade haha).

So I told her that I was a journalist and I interviewed Celebrities.

Although this was still a far fetch, I knew that I had to get to work after that.

I knew that I had the pizazz to get the attention from celebrities so I had to use this to my advantage.

My cousin and I went home that night (shoutouts to Jairea) and began to ponder on how we can get celebrity interviews.

The very next day I drafted a carefully curated letter to send to a couple of Publicists and I actually received a couple of hits.

So, my very first celebrity interview was with “Momma Dee” of VH1’s “Love & HipHop: Atlanta.”

The rest is history…

You truly are talented in so many ways! Tell us some more about Global Line Media Group!

Global Line Media Group is a Management & Digital Marketing Firm that specializes in branding efforts for professionals in fashion, music, television and entertainment.

It was actually created specifically for my career endeavors and then my team saw fit to begin expanding and helping others.

But it will continue to remain a boutique firm.

Now Global Line Media: The Agency is literally one small part of my brand.

The Agency is a labor of love that I collaborated with my management company on.

It was created to help other entrepreneurs and business owners to navigate through the world of business.

What would you say to any aspiring entertainers who look up to your work?

I would literally tell them F*** anyone’s opinions of you.

If they aren’t putting up any money to support your dreams and aspirations ‘tell them to F off’ haha!!!

You have to have tough skin to be in this business.

Everyone will always have something to say about what you are doing.

Secondly, remember why you wanted to do this from the beginning.

This journey that you are on is about you being of service to others with the gifts that God has blessed you with.

Make sure that you are doing something bigger than you.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

This past year of growing pains, we’ve experienced a ton of loss, especially amongst black business owners.

So, apart of the collaboration with my management team/company we decided to create an eBook package to help business owners with creative strategies to attract new customers.

Along with the package we will be launching a small black-owned business directory on Juneteenth 2021 that will consist of 5000 business to support.

Oh yeah, I forgot I’ll be starring in my first major film… shhhhh.. can’t say just yet, haha!

What is the most useless talent you have?

I can cross my eyes and pop out my hip, Lol!

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Liars and candy corn!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I always wanted to be apart of the I would be invisible!

Netflix or Hulu? (the fate of streaming services lie in your hands)

Hulu Live because it has TV in real time and some of my favorite shows I.E. Snowfall!

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