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Top Brands (March 2021): CoCoLuXe Beauty

Victoria, tell us more about how you started CoCoLuXe Beauty!

Victoria Adams is the owner and operator of COCOLUXE BEAUTY.

She is an extraordinary leader, creator and innovator.

As a little girl, she discovered her creative side which compelled her mother to enroll her in Paseo Visual and Performing Arts School in Kansas City Missouri.

Throughout her years of education, she was able to hone in on her creativity molding her into the woman that she is today.

She launched COCOLUXE BEAUTY in 2012 because she took notice of the numerous women of color struggling to find clean, eco-friendly yet highly pigmented lip products that match their skin tones.

There had always been a disparity when it comes to women of color in the beauty community.

She noticed there weren’t many women of deeper complexion used in advertisements for most of the products that she purchased.

This often led to questions of how her beauty fit into the industry.

Her goal is to provide a better buying experience for women of color by creating a brand that is not only inclusive but also luxurious.

The brand is clean, eco-friendly and focuses on enhancing and highlighting one’s own natural beauty.

We love your products! Describe the creative process when launching a new collection for CoCoLuXe Beauty

When I’m gearing up for launching a new collection, I make sure to take time to be creative, I have to allow myself to be inspired.

I do that by listening to music, viewing art, painting, writing anything creative you name it I do it, it tends to really help me get in the right head space.

I’m a big fan of textures and colors so you would find that in my cosmetics line as my nail polishes are hand -crafted.

In addition to the creative and development process there’s also planning.

I tend to build out a strategic plan that includes my goals, marketing and communication strategy.

I think all of the components are required to be successful.

Which products/collections are your personal favorite?

My 3-in 1 rouge, it is a multi - purpose product which can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Also, I’m in love with my new Gelled Top Coat it’s a natural gel top coat that doesn’t require a curing lamp, and it’s quick drying leaving your nails with the perfect gel finish.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Yes, I just launched my brand new website.

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