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Tell us a little more about how you got into music!

I have always been a fan of music in general and hip hop culture.

When I got introduced to my brother Jae Nice he introduced me to the music entertainment world, and he already had a long music-based resume.

I was blessed with the opportunity to manage an already established artist all while being taught the music at the same time.

I’ve been blessed to meet celebrity artists, top producers and more!

I then realized that I had to learn how to market, network, and be an entrepreneur.

As I got better year by year, I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Bentley Records and Luca Dayz.

Building relationships and networking has given me the opportunity to learn and build with people.

Since then, I've added Kam Nasty, Juice Vitelli, Tez Young and Julissa La Rose to consulting and branding/marketing.

After years of elevating my experience I decided to drop Renzo Management.

You are truly a jack of all trades; a business owner, credit repair specialist, and more! How did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

During that time, I've learned to be an entrepreneur and a businessman.

I feel as being an entrepreneur you have to be the jack of all trades.

Never focus just on one venture.

Being a music manager, I expanded myself into forex trading, credit repair and being a business owner.

I love learning new things and being as versatile as possible.

I've been doing credit repair for a couple years and was able to partner up with CEO Giovanni Ayala of Mass Credit Relief.

Not only am I elevating my credit repair skills, I’m also doing the marketing/branding for Mass Credit Relief as well.

Being versatile is something I thrive on.

That’s my culture, that's my law and that's my mind set.

What would you say to any aspiring entrepreneurs who look up to your work?

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

You never know where life may take you but make sure you make the best of your opportunities.

The best part about reaching your goal is the journey.

If I can be a successful up and coming entrepreneur, manager, business owner then YOU can too!

Once you figure out your calling in life ATTACK it.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I’m launching my first business called Renzo Management.

Renzo Management is a marketing/branding, management consulting business.

We build a 3-6 month plan before anything is released to make sure everything is organized/planned and that you are ahead of the game.