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This is Devlon Short.

Devlon, tell us more about how Onslaught Pictures got started.

My wife and I both come from an arts background.

She is a singer/songwriter and I am an actor/screenwriter.

I remember people were always casting doubt on what we wanted to do.

Support was minimal and at the time, so were opportunities.

We began creating our own productions, short films mostly, starring myself, my children, and wife on music and editing.

People loved them, but we still wanted to do something more.

We wanted a way to do what we loved and also help other creatives bring their ideas to life.

That is when Onslaught was born.

How would you describe Onslaught's style of videography?

I would describe our style as cinematic storytelling.

Every shot and angle serves a purpose and helps convey the story our clients are trying to get across.

I wanted our work to feel like that of a studio production.

I believe that everyone deserves the best and we are here to deliver just that.

What has been some of your favorite projects you've got to work on over the years?

Some of my favorite projects I've worked on, would have to be an introductory video we did for an up and coming brand, ”Dying Desire."

She got a chance to tell her story and show what her brand is all about and I'm happy we were apart of that.

Another one was a music video we did for an east coast rapper, C.Thoughts, for his upcoming single, "Blue Moons."

His music has such a different and refreshing feel.

His ability to tell a story and paint that picture in your head is unmatched.

We shot it during this pandemic, so it did pose its challenges, but he brought the heat and we made magic.

Last but definitely not least, if I had to say another one it would have to be a food video my wife and I created.

It was just a simple pico de gallo recipe, but the way she cut and fixed it up in post was so creative.

It was fun shooting with her, making memories, and learning from each other.

Does Onslaught have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see?

We are currently in the works with collaborating with an up and coming chef promoting her brand, ”Gigi's Kitchen."

We also have some music videos on the way for a rising R&B artist by the name of Chey Sa'mone.

They are going to be some of our best works I believe.

Stay tune!

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