Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Kelvin, tell us a little more about how you got into acting!

Kia Ora, which means “good health” and other affirmations in the native Maori language of New Zealand.

I’m humbled and beyond super grateful to answer these questions.

There are many factors that lead me into Performance Arts or the arts.

I’d like to consider myself a product of MySpace at The Birth of The YouTube generation.

We were less concerned with the reward system of a Likes that Facebook and YouTube incorporated in 2009.

We prided ourselves in our creativity and supported each other.

During this time, I sought ways to express myself with a bit of HTML and a theme song.

This was grounded in my streetwear modeling roots along with breakdancing, video games, street racing and subcultures alike.

Growing up in Virginia, (which is my home-state) I felt like an outsider, especially given America’s track record on race relations.

My mother was adopted, Grandmother on my father's side wa